Liquid Site Builder

Liquid Site Builder

Web Presence is key for any small business that wants to attract new customers, it will also help generate new sales or additional income.

In todays world its important for your customer to be able to consume your services online. Liquid Site-Builder offers a simple and easy to use platform, meant to assist taking your business to the next level in the easiest and quickest way.

The drag and drop functionality allow a small business to create a professional looking website without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure and back end systems link cPanel.

Liquid Site-Builder Basic is aimed at the basic requirements to get you online, with unlimited pages. You don’t require expensive skills and knowledge of back-end infrastructure.

Liquid Site-Builder Pro integrates with payment gateways allowing you to sell your services online and process payments directly from your website.

Liquid Site-Builder supports SEO, basic reporting and is fully managed by Liquid Telecom. Services can be managed from the marketplace.

Why Site Builder from Liquid Telecom
  • 24-hour availability – the internet is always on this ensures your customers can reach all day long from anywhere in the world
  • Brand – build your brand online and gain credibility, while also attracting new customers
  • Larger audience and Marketing – being online means you can reach more customer, regardless of their location ultimately making your business more money. Marketing is key for a business to grow and your website becomes another way to advertise and market your business to new and existing customers

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