Microsoft Azure Peering Service

Microsoft Azure Peering Service

Robust, reliable connectivity to and within the Microsoft Global Network

MAPS is a network service that improves internet-based connectivity to Microsoft Public Services such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft hosted SaaS services. Liquid Intelligent  Technologies has peered at  strategic locations with Microsoft to benefit your business by  improving quality of experience for your users reducing the time to complete tasks and providing you insights into your business traffic.

Why use liquid Internet with Peering Service
We are the only provider able to offer Microsoft Peering Services to customers across 13  countries and over 70,000km.

The key features of using MAPS on Liquids Intelligent Technologies network are:

  • Best public routing over the internet to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for optimal performance and reliability.
  • Ability to select more Microsoft peering locations in Africa than any other provider offering a superior next hop experience to the Microsoft Network.
  • Traffic Insights such as latency reporting and prefix monitoring.
  • Route analytics and statistics: Events for (BGP) route anomalies (leak or hijack detection) and suboptimal routing.
Azure peering service

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